Protection with TromboGen®

Protection with TromboGen®

Thrombosis is mostly inherited. Our genetic test TromboGen® will help you to find out if you or a family member is at risk so you can take preventative measures limiting or preventing the occurrence of thrombosis and its associated diseases.

Your prevention of thrombosis should start with TromboGen®

TromboGen® is knowledge

Thrombosis is the single, most common, preventable cause of death in the UK; with estimates suggesting that between 25,000-60,000 deaths occur each year and the number of DVT and PE cases is still expected to rise, especially amongst individuals aged 40-54.

This is why GHC GENETICS UK presents you with a simple solution to begin your protection against thrombosis - TromboGen®. TromboGen® gives you the knowledge of whether or not you are at risk of developing thrombosis which enables you to take simple preventative measures.

Identifying an increased risk of thrombosis is based on the detection of genes that have been shown to disrupt the balance in the formation and dissolution of blood clots. These are cases where the body produces a larger amount of substances causing blood coagulation. Our TromboGen® genetic analysis tells you if you have a mutation in one or more of such genes, namely gene Factor V Leiden, gene Factor II Prothrombin and gene MTHFR. The results of TromboGen gives you the knowledge of whether or not you are at risk of developing thrombosis. This enables you to take preventative measures to prevent or mitigate your chances of developing thrombosis and other related diseases.

TromboGen® Test Report

The TromboGen® Test Report is easy to understand and contains information on whether your genotype variant increases or decreases your genetic risk of developing thrombosis. Through the detection of mutations in these genes, which lead to coagulation disorders, we determine your risk of thrombosis. The results will help you and your physician to more easily understand the genetic analysis and will provide you with directions, recommendations and advice on specific preventative measures. If the result is positive, you along with your physician will be able to set targeted preventative measures specifically suited to you to prevent or limit the occurrence of thrombosis.

At GHC GENETICS UK, we believe that TromboGen® should be an essential part of every individual's health care routine

In particular, TromboGen® is recommended for:

  • People who have already experienced, or have relatives with, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, heart attack, strokes or a cerebrovascular incident. 
  • People who smoke, are overweight, sit for long periods of time (in an office, car, plane, etc) or do sports.
  • People who have cancer, HIV or other diseases.
  • Women who intend to take or are already taking hormonal contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy.
  • Women that want to conceive or are already pregnant.
  • Women who have experienced repeated spontaneous miscarriages.
  • Women who are unable to conceive a child and need assisted reproduction.
  • Women who experienced a premature separation of the placenta, placental infarction, preeclampsia (increased blood pressure and renal failure), delayed fetal growth, cleft defects of the fetus' spine and spinal cord or fetal death during pregnancy.