GenScan® (Full Body Test)

GenScan® (Full Body Test)

Our exclusive GenScan® is currently the most comprehensive genetic test in the world, analysing more than three hundred genetic mutations which influence the occurrence of more than twenty diseases.

What is GenScan®

GenScan® was invented with the goal of providing our patients with a single comprehensive test 

GenScan® has been invented by doctors and scientists of GHC HEALTHCARE WORLDNET as the result of extensive medical research, using the latest discoveries in the area of molecular genetics. As the ultimate lifestyle test, it was our goal to provide our patients with a single test covering all aspects of life, from nutrition and fitness, to hereditary diseases, to even the effects of current lifestyle practices. For that purpose, we invested a considerable amount of money, time and energy into extensive medical research and trials, which resulted in GenScan.

GenScan® is globally the most extensive and comprehensive genetic analysis of its kind

GenScan® tests more than three hundred gene variants in your DNA providing you with all the information you need to live a long and healthy life. GenScan® acts as a virtual scan of your body, providing you with information such as how your genes work, what foods they like best and how you can ensure that they continue to function the way nature intended. As a virtual scan, GenScan also informs you of your risk of developing over 23 different diseases and further tells you how to ensure that you remain protected. GenScan® is your body's way of communicating with you - It's time to listen.

GenScan® should be a part of everyone's care for health

GenScan® is tailored separately for both men and women to compensate for the differences in both genders. It is suitable for everyone regardless of age or profession and should be a necessary part of healthcare, especially for:-

  • Individuals interested in weight loss or weight management
  • Pregnant women or women who intend to conceive, use birth control pills or replacement hormonal therapy
  • People who have physically or mentally demanding occupations
  • Active sportsmen
  • People with a family history of various diseases or disorders
  • People who have various physical or mental problems or are often ill
  • People who often travel by plane or undergo long distance car trips

GenScan® Test Report

After the test is done, we will provide you with a detailed test report. The report is fully explanatory and contains all the information you will need to begin your journey to long, lasting health. Your GenScan® Test Report is designed for both you and your GP, which better allows your GP to tailor make treatments according to your body's needs. The results of the analysis are presented in a clear table which include a graphical representation and risk assessment. The wording of the test report is clear, accurate and easy to comprehend.

The GenScan® Test Report is structured into three sections as follow:-

  1. Introduction and identification details
  2. Your personal genetic profile
  3. Detailed comments on your personal genetic profile

The tested diseases and disorders are structured into 8 Panels. Each of the panels provides you and your doctor with the following:-

  1. Description, symptoms and causes of the tested disease
  2. Detailed comments on your personal genetic profile and the degree of your genetic risk
  3. Comments on the results of the analysis in which we will alert you and your doctor to the possibility of developing certain fatal diseases
  4. Recommended preventative measures and directions as well as nutrition, fitness and medical insights