Data Security

Data Security

The protection of your personal and genetic data is of utmost importance to us and we have multiple layers of data security, technological and contractual systems protecting your data throughout all aspects of the genetic testing

Quality Assurance

Anonymity of your genetic data

Your sample is anonymized the moment the laboratory receives it. Your sample is assigned with a unique bar code for the duration of the testing and after it. As such, neither the laboratory nor office staff have any access to your name, address or any other identifiable details.

Separation of your personal and genetic data

Your personal data are stored separately from genetic data on our secure server and can only be accessed by authorized personnel

Prevention of exchange of the genetic data

The unique bar code on your sample locks your personal data on a secured server. During and after the process of genetic testing, your genetic data are directly linked to the bar code and so can be accurately identified. This system also ensures that your data cannot be interchanged or mistaken for someone else’s.

Security system

There are robust and sophisticated security measures in the whole laboratory comprising of a fingerprint-card-key entering system, camera surveillance, security guards and more.

Strict internal rules for employees

All employees are obliged to follow strict and detailed internal regulations on data security. These regulations impose upon the employees an obligation to keep absolute discretion on all confidential information, protect copyright laws, comply with electronic data storage rules and rules on manipulation with the hardware and software, and more.

Modern hardware and software

The laboratory is using, and continuously improving, modern hardware and software providing the highest security protection to personal and genetic data.

The laboratory is constantly monitoring the data security system, identifying and improving its weak points, analysing potential threats and taking appropriate steps to prevent any and all infringements as well as taking any and all suitable and necessary preventative measures.

All information related to personal or genetic data are continuously backed up to prevent any damage or loss, following strict data storage rules. After the test is done, all personal and genetic data are either destroyed or handled as per the instructions of the patients.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority. As such, you may instruct us at any time which data you would like us to keep, correct, block or delete.