We are a member of GHC HEALTHCARE WORLDNET which was founded in 1947 on the idea of improving healthcare and medical science on a worldwide scale.

We are implementing a new era of genetic testing in the UK

We are a member of GHC HEALTHCARE WORLDNET, a transnational US funded institution aiming to globally improve healthcare by providing various medical services and life science innovations through clinical and research findings. As such, the scientists and doctors of GHC HEALTHCARE WORLDNET strive to accelerate research and continuously contribute to the scientific discoveries in the area of human genome.

GHC HEALTHCARE WORLDNET endeavors to prevent common individual and lifestyle diseases by developing new and sophisticated genetic predictive techniques and providing genetic testing services to the vast general public. For that purpose, we have invested a considerable amount of money into new laboratory equipment and staff training. This combination has allowed us to test a larger amount of people in a shorter period of time and substantially reduce the costs associated with genetic testing.

In the UK, we are applying new methods of screening by transplanting the latest scientific discoveries into medical practice, and introducing, as the-first-and-only worldwide provider, the unique GenScan comprehensive predictive screening test. Our aim is for all individuals to understand and experience the benefits of genetic testing without being dependent on medical insurance; thus enabling them to better maintain and manage their health.


  • The cheapest genetic testing in the UK
  • Fast and reliable genetic testing
  • Complex clinical molecular genetic laboratory services
  • Comfortable testing services
  • New methods of genetic testing
  • Modern laboratory furnished with high-capacity and sophisticated US made laboratory equipment
  • Professional and friendly approach
  • Highly qualified team of genetic experts, doctors and scientists dedicated to your health


  • Maintain the security and confidentiality of your personal information
  • Respect your decisions, privacy and the privacy of your family
  • Comply with the law
  • Act only within the scope of your consent
  • Keep you informed when your sample arrives at the laboratory and when your report is ready
  • Give you the accurate knowledge of your genome necessary to protect your health